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Clinical Monitoring


ClinActis will assign locally based CRAs in each country where your study is conducted. Our CRA possess deep knowledge of their country's regulatory requirements, cultural nuances, and healthcare systems, as well as previous experience monitoring global and multi-region clinical trials. This ensures that our CRAs are equipped to effectively and efficiently monitor the study sites in the specific country/countries where your study is being conducted while ensuring that globally accepted quality and safety standards for clinical trials are met.

Training and Cultural Knowledge

We believe that building a team with both global knowledge and local expertise is key to delivering high-quality clinical research services in the Asia Pacific region. Our team members have extensive experience working on regional and global, FDA/EMA-approved clinical trials, and are also experts in navigating the regulatory, operational, and cultural complexities of conducting clinical research across the APAC region.


At ClinActis, our clinical monitoring teams are equipped to provide swift, efficient support to investigator sites and oversee study data. We require our CRAs to demonstrate proficiency in site monitoring before being assigned to a study and mainly assign them to monitor sites in their home countries. This approach ensures that our CRAs possess the necessary understanding of local languages, regulations, customs, and business practices, which improves study workflow management, reduces investigator burden, improves data quality, and accelerates the database lock.

Accelerate Database Lock

Through study-specific training and familiarity with local customs and regulatory requirements, ClinActis ensures that our CRAs are well-prepared to monitor and manage study sites. This training and cultural knowledge enable our CRAs to improve site workflow management, reduce investigator burden, improve data quality, and ultimately accelerate the database lock, allowing for the timely completion of your study.

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